This gallery features a variety of photos from a trip we made to Alaska in March of 2024. We flew to Fairbanks and explored several days from there – driving south to the vicinity of the Alaska Range twice; hiking to an ice cave on Castner Glacier; taking a tour to the Arctic Circle on the infamous Dalton Highway; and driving the 12 open miles of the Denali Park Road into Denali National Park before parking and walking another three miles of the snow-covered road. We then took the Alaska Railroad from Fairbanks to Anchorage, where we were surrounded by mountains for most of that journey. From Anchorage we took a day trip to Seward, and walked along the shores of Resurrection Bay and the Gulf of Alaska, saw (and photographed) a bald eagle protecting its massive nest high in a tree, and watched as a sea otter playfully swam near the shore of the bay before disappearing beneath the dark, choppy surface.

I was astounded by the scale and scope of the mountain landscapes in Alaska, and look forward to returning for a more extended visit during summer months, where I'll be able to hike and backpack into these wild places, and perhaps catch a glimpse of mighty Denali Peak at last, since it stayed hidden from view from many angles on my first trip.